African School for Excellence is rooted in a unique concept: to create a self-sustaining network of elite independent secondary schools that anyone can afford.

The ASE Model was designed specifically to address the needs and challenges of African secondary school scholars. The children are eager to learn but barriers such as school funding and tuition costs keep many of them from reaching their full potential. ASE is tearing down those barriers.

To do this, we focus our mission on three essential factors:

  1. World-Class Quality. Everything begins with our commitment to excellence. We know that township scholars can compete with the world’s best students. We expect ASE scholars to graduate ready to succeed at the very best universities, both in South Africa and abroad, and we accept nothing less.
  2. Affordable Sustainability. We understand that even the highest-quality educational model will not be enough to change the state of education in South African townships. ASE’s refined model costs roughly 60% of the current public education spending per learner, which expand the possibilities and opportunities to improve the state of education in South Africa. 
  3. Scalability. South Africa is filled with talented young people who can achieve world-class results if given the opportunity. Through our financial model, our systems, and our embedded teacher’s college, we maintain a ceaseless focus on scale. We seek to develop a network of 200 schools throughout the country, providing elite education to tens of thousands of disadvantaged scholars every year.

We offer high school full-time education using an inquiry-based approach. Our students take the Cambridge international exams CIE upon exit.